the mamba mentality: how i play.

What attracted my to this book was getting insights outside of Instagram Reels. And it’s working.

I read a page or two, and then reflect on it: can I implement this in my life? Does it even fit my life? It doesn’t have to. The important thing is to be more deliberate about it. It’s a great approach.

Below are some of my notes, along with quotes from the book.

The Process

Kobe didn’t fear testing new approaches:

“If I wanted to implement something new into my game, I’d see it, and try incorporating it immediately. I wasn’t scared of missing, or looking bad. I always kept the long game, the end result, in my mind.”

His mindset is: I want to be the BEST.

No need for external motivation. Wanting to be best was enough.

When you work tirelessly to improve, and implement new things to your game, the learning curve becomes short. You already know the cues from practice. You can focus on improving the details. It makes learning easy.

“Some people enjoy looking at a watch, others are happier trying to figure out how the watch works.

The biggest element that changed was when I went from watchign what was there, to what should’ve been there — what was missing.”

In design, you know you’re evolving when you can spo the missing elements, or ways to do it differently.

“I didn’t train only my body — I trained my mind too.”

This is where designers — and any other office workers, for this matter, — need to do the reverse. We’re constantly using and improving our minds, and barely using what our bodies have to offer.

Mind and body are the same.

“My mental preparation varied based on my headspace. If I needed to get keyed up, I listened to hard music. If I needed to calm down, I listened to soft music. Sometimes I didn’t listen to music at all, just sat there in complete silence.

It’s all about putting me in the place I need to be in for that game.”

Having small rituals before/after some action, however small it is, can be important.

There’s a way to use your environment everyday to help you enter the mindspace that you need to perform a certain action, may it be: focus on an important work project, or going to sleep on time at night.

“Greatness is not easy to achieve. And it’s not for everybody.

It requires a lot of sacrifices and tough choices. It requires your loved ones to sacrifice too, so you need to have an understanding circle of friends and family.

When you’re in a path to be THE BEST, to achieve greatness, you need focus, hard work, and sacrifice. Most people will not understand this. But hopefully, you have people around you that will, and that will make some sacrifices of their own to help you — or at least not get in the way — of this greatness.

It’s weird to put people in this position, and talk about them this way. But history has proven the amount that your surroundings (especially the people around) can affect you — both positively and negatively.

Life is all about compromise. Where are you willing to compromise on?