I’ve been to Rome in 2016.

Compared to Milan, the city was dirty, with trash laying on the streets, the trains were old, the buildings looked older, and — it might be just me, but — I had this strange feeling that someone might try to rob us at any time.

There were a lot of military with assault rifles on train stations.

People in Rome seem very impatient.

Not sure if that’s everybody’s experience, but italians seem to be a very annoyed society. When asking for information (in italian), I’ve had a senior laugh at my face, in front of me. It was one of the most awkward interactions I’ve had with a human being while traveling.

To get a coffee, there was a price to-go, and a price to sit down — it was usually more expensive to sit down to eat, kinda like renting a seat. That’s the first I’ve seen something like this.