I have tried most of the note-taking apps available. I was one of those people who would watch videos on YouTube about note-taking apps, and try to create the perfect system for myself.

Nowadays, I have 2 mindsets:

  1. The focused and efficient mode: where I use Logseq to write notes, or Things to add tasks I need to remember as I’m focused working on a task. It’s just faster to type things, and get back to what you were doing.
  2. The slow and deliberate mode: where I use physical notebooks to write what I’m thinking. I like this approach because to be deliberate, you need to slow down. And you can’t be fast with pen and paper. Or at least I can’t.

I use the Bullet Journal daily log system to track my days.

No crafty BUJO layouts you’ll see on Pinterest.

Stick to the basics.

I do have my own custom “key system”, that I use to organize what I write (might drop an image later).