The more humid the place, the better insulation you need to have on your clothing.

Winter in extreme temperatures usually means a lot of places (stores, trains, houses) will have heating, which means you’ll be going from cold to warm environments. The key is to wear layers, so can dress up or down, according to the current temperature.

It’s important to avoid clothes that will make you sweat, because sweating can make your clothes wet, and that’s a bad idea in cold weather.

Hydrating in dry weather

My routine while staying in Calgary (or any dry places) is to:

  1. Take at least one shower per day
  2. Use a “ultra moisture” body wash (I’ve been using Olay)
  3. Try keeping the temperature reasonable — not too cold, not too warm
  4. Apply body moisturizer on the entire body (I’ve been using Aveeno)
  5. Apply a face moisturizer (I use a water-based by The BOdy Shop)
  6. Hydrate the beard with a balm
  7. Apply lip balm
  8. Apply hand cream

I like keeping a lip balm and hand cream with me at all times, especially in the cold, because it’s too easy for the hands and mouth to starrt to crack.